You need to move and we are here to help you

We’re lovely estate agents who work hard to make your sale go smoothly

(and we’re not spiky at all)


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What we do for you

portchester estate agents

portchester estate agentsWe find your STAR BUYER and agree a great sellingĀ  price

Then what do we do?

We do the tricky bit which is where our patience and kindness really make a difference.

  • We keep in touch with solicitors and other agents in the chain.
  • We answer the phone til late at night so you can call us when you get home after work.
  • We won’t call you unless we have something new to say that is meaningful and we will always be clear and honest
  • We don’t panic even if others in the chain start to and we do the worrying so you don’t have to.

Finally, on the day of completion we wave you off in your moving van and hand keys to the new owner of your old house.