Yes, you do need a for sale board.


It’s an important way to tell people that your property is for sale.

Think about who drives or walks past your house every day. Who might see it the board and tell a friend about your house being for sale? Even if you live on a quiet street, your neighbours might know someone who wants to live where they do and they’ll pick up the phone and let them know who to call.

Not everyone is like me and looks at property online every day. Not many people pop into estate agents office any more and not many people go to the high street daily and look in estate agent windows.

That’s why a board really matters as part of a complete marketing plan.

This is the best board to have outside your house.

When you instruct us to sell your house we provide a magic board that transforms from For Sale to Sold in around 4 weeks of sunshine and rain!

Noon Sold Board outside a house

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