If you live in a house or flat and want to buy another property, usually you need to sell the one you live in.

The question is, do you put your house on the market before you start looking or do you start looking and then put your house on the market?

We say put it on the market and find a buyer creating part of a chain.

If you don’t, someone else who has already got a buyer is in a better position that you are, no matter what your offer is. Any seller will prefer a buyer who is already halfway into selling their house than someone who hasn’t even got theirs on the market.

Do your property research online, talk to a mortgage adviser to see what you could borrow if you sell yours. Don’t booking viewings and make offers until you are actually making an effort to turn your property into a sum of money to buy another one with.

English property sales are used to chains and everyone has to wait for the others to get sales agreed then everyone moves on the same day.

This spiral stair case is what that day looks like! Everyone inches forward little by little!

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